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My Mothers Photo


Copyright Poetry in Paradise 2004 No. 1028534.

There is a photo on the wall

from a time in my life

when my Mother was her happiest

and she was my father wife.

I don’t remember being in it

For that was a whole lifetime ago

When my family was so different

From the one that I now know.

It warms me up to see it

Everyday upon my wall,

a Mother holding her three sons

her smile saying it all.

I don’t recognise the room

For the picture is just a row of heads;

My father must have snapped it

from the foot of one of their beds.

My Mother’s arms around us

Everyone with a smile

I stare at it everyday

then reminisce for a while.

Everyone is looking at the camera

Everyone except for me.

I’m staring at my Mother

Looking so happy so peacefully.

I ‘ve always loved my Mother

I’ve always been a mummy’s boy

Now and then when you’re all grown up,

long forgotten the innocence and the joy.

I’m proud to love my Mother

For it’s the purest love of all

Knowing she really loves you

Reminded by a photo on the wall.

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