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The holy Bhudda said that the only certainty in life is change

But if you pay the correct money that’s the end of that exchange

David Bowie said ch ch changes and wasn’t ziggy very strange

If everything stayed the same I’d do nothing but complain

I watch my watch and I thank heaven for the change

For if time was to stand still it would never ever rain

The ocean wouldn’t swell and the tide wouldn’t come in again

And everything that ever hurt would cause me such great pain

The more things change the more they stay the same

That’s a silly statement I’ve heard before thats sort of insane

For nothing from my childhood anywhere still remains

Forests have disappeared and people now live on flood plains

Trying to fit into to my summer clothes causes me great pains

Because somewhere in the laundering they’ve shrunk again

The holes in my belt seem go back forth just like a train

I try to change my diet but from over eating I cant refrain

This group has been going for nearly fourteen years I can claim

I’m hoping for fourteen more good ones just the same

Seeing all my monthly friends I will never ever complain

Merry Christmas to all you and lets do it all again

TM Reg 1028534 Poetry in Paradise

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