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Graham Brunckhorst, Bush Poet

Graham Brunckhorst

I’ve always loved bush poetry

Even before I knew what was a verse

I used to read it at primary school

To remember it I’d have to rehearse

I’d never met a real bush poet

Australia day I saw the ol’banjo

He really put it out there

As he put on a real beaut show

Then I met Bobby Dever

And I really had to laugh

He’s a funny little bastard

As he tore your sides in half

Then I met Geoffrey sharp

He’s really happy fellow

He could recite the phone book

With a voice just like a bellow

Then I met Glenny Palmer

Manfred and his mate the Croc

Ray Essery and Murry Hartin

I’d sure like to keep up with that lot

Then I met another master

And a gentleman to boot

Graham Brunckhorst a bush poet

And wasn’t he a hoot

He had a sense of humour

and he could write a funny line

we got on like a father and son

yes he really was a friend of mine

He could recite from memory

The Man from Snowy River

He knew over 300 poems that

He could spontaneously deliver

The Limestone Creek

and When They Cut it Green

From Tassie to the Top End

There’s no place he hasn’t been

He wrote several books

And had plans to save our nation

He firmly believed that politicians

Were not much of a creation

He wrote letters to em

Told’em what he really thought

He reckoned they’re all bastards

Just in it for the wrought

He could sketch a portrait

And paint a beaut landscape

He taught poetry in schools

from Albany to the Cape

He’s been a ringer and a cutter

A husband and a dad

A builder and a designer

Extremely happy and also sad

I only knew him in the

Last three years of his life

he once told me that the good times

are often followed by strife

I helped him out many times

When his eyesight would fail

The cops were following his scooter

He once thought he’d go to jail

He wanted to help out Judi

When the young bloke knocked her out

He thought it was a travesty

That Coles really mucked her about

He drafted a letter to a lawyer

Addressed to the local Bulletin

He was really really upset

By the predicament she was in

He thought his PC was broken

and things were looking dim

then I’d find a word document

and print it out for him

I’ll really miss his phone calls

of the next quest on his agenda

as he couldn’t see his watch

time was not something to remember

I’m going to miss Graham

I say with tear filled eyes

Every time we lose an old man

Another library dies

04/5/1927 to September 2017

TM Reg 1028534 Poetry in Paradise

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