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It's Good News Week

There is no unemployment

Taxes are coming down

There are no homeless people

sleeping in any town

Politicians are all honest

Their standin by their word

giant corporations aren’t evil

they don’t run the world

Universities are free

Hospitals are as well

Smokers have all given up

Knowin that they smell

There is only one God

Religious indifference has ended

There are no invisible borders

No ones faith is now offended

People aren’t given silly labels

Based solely on their diet

Organic food is mandatory

Processed foods aren’t sold because no one would buy it

War has been outlawed

No more weapons race

World leaders calmly meet

They all talk face to face

Pollution has been controlled

We’ve fixed the ozone layer

Were all living in peace

Down under right across Australia

There are no sexist pigs

We’re all treated with respect

no more bigots or racists

The Kardashsians packed up and left

We all get the old age pension

For the years that we’ve put in

The money is evenly shared out

So no one future is dark and dim

There are no more pedophiles

Every child has an even chance

No matter what your gender is

You get to have a wedding dance

Policemen aren’t corrupt

We’ve brought an end to all crime

Everyone is so happy now

and me,......I’m doing just fine

Copyright Poetry in Paradise 2018 Reg TM No 128534

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