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Poetry Report March 18th 2018

Poetry in Paradise report for 18th March 2018

Apologies from Jeffery who was on the Gold Coast leg of the Black Dog Ride, held 3 rd Sunday in March across 26 countries around the world, 300 participants joined in on the ride to Beaudesert, the ride raises awareness of the rising global suicide rate and hopes to raise funds to train Mental Health First Aid Officers and to provide support and education to survivors families friends and the whole community about suicide and its consequences and the hope of possible prevention.

Also apologies from Tom and Kathy

Optional theme for the day was- MY FIRST KISS- and suggested first line starting with the words "Okay buster here are some................"

Attendees for the day totalled 18 with one new lady Lucy, and a blast from the past in the form of Jeanette who had attended previous Poetry afternoons way back, and had come along to listen and re-establish her interest.

Bob as usual started the day with My first Kiss inVW van, surfboard on the roof and got dressed up (shorts) got excited and groaned in pleasure, was going good but started to dribble when he touched her tongue that stung, he slobbered and then his chin hit the horn, beep beep.

Banjo latest bus tour was a disaster as the bus broke down three times but the day improved with a recitation of Charles “The Last Mans Ride"on his horse called thunderbolt an Aussie story ending at Eurula with a final ride.

David 2 recited My First Kiss with a honey blonde in Hunters Hollow, and now he's in love, anchors away as life goes on, many kisses each one bringing life’s changes.

Lucy with us for her first time, recited a Free Verse Poem she had written about, her daughter in hospital and looked for some green grass to talk to a small grey moth, then it rained?

Jean fronted up with "My first Kiss" it was so exciting in a Paddock with fingers entwined it was such a great pleasure that she did treasure but she was just 10 years old.

Lynn was up against a Church wall that her first kiss with a boy so tall, it was at night, in the moonlight and left her with a tingling spine.

Ted adapted his Poem Judas from his book "Poems Down Under" where he walked a path he knew was wrong it was a kiss on Judas where he kept the purse and kept the cash and loot, for him there was no happy song and now lives with an eternal curse.

Judi recited a poem written a while ago about a Happy Easter in April not May, June or July the great time we all have celebrating Easter, a celebration that's here to stay.

Roger according to Bob just a dodger recited his mothers first kiss on his body that was just born, then later on when just 16, backward and shy, he was in the barn at night, and felt a warm body, but stayed patient and calm the the phone rang and distracted him and he kissed the cow.

Alex welcomed back after a long absence, wrote upon the board the numbers 2,4,6,4,2 the way to Rhyme for his first, second and third kiss then a sore/enormous shoulder buggered it up.

Joyce In her usual inimitable style, recited her first kiss was not a deep love affair, but as school kids on a train canoodling for fun and gain, but when kissing one a soldiers helmet fell from above and this mucked up her Kiss with Larry.

David 1 recited a on My First Kiss was with Belinda on a seat behind the toilets where you joined the queue, and paid a penny for a kiss or two, or even a huge smakaroo'

Manya recited a poem written 38 years ago about her first kiss, so many she had, had they became rather superficial.

Cedric also welcomed back at the group after 7 operations and quoted about his first kiss. Mother first then 2nd was a Tennessee Miss, with a painted face, then he kissed a turtle dove then a kiss and kiss and hug with a pretty little miss that became his wife for the rest of his life.

Bob for his second poem went along with OK buster here are some facts that us Aussies have a great Bunyip that holds us together, for Easter, Mayday, Labour Day, La Perouse, Anzac celebration, preserving Aussie mateship and our culture.

Banjo for his 2nd was about Farm Dog Bluey went to Sydney with the farmers son, who wanted to teach Bluey to talk, there was a problem of $2000 to teach the dog, the sad ending was Bluey was shot at the farm gate because the farmer was having an affair and Bluey would now be able to tell is wife.

David 2 poem 2 was the challenge for OK buster here's the rules No stealing for you will see people in Blue Uniforms riding through the scrub the troopers are riding hard so don’t cry.

Jean's 2nd was about Buster always drinking beer any time, marriage gone, sick of living with you. Your rude and filthy and mean and Reg was moving in. But Buster said Iv'e just won Lotto, what your a lying bastard so I’m off for now.

Lynn for her 2nd poem said OK buster heres some tips, you need to tidy up your your hair, cut off that scruffy beard, don’t wear thongs, try some shoes come on Buster I want you dapper with a man bag and aftershave.

Ted referred to his book Poems Down Under page 76 Ok Buster you you need friends, so first be a friend to all and sundry then many good friendships will sail with you.

Judi 2nd poem about writers when your mind goes blank, don’t try to opt out, stand up and nothings trivial even if your brain can only think of stew, try again later, poems are for pleasure just keep on trying.

Roger told us about Albert and a lion who wanted to go to Australia, stowed away on the SS tosser and ended up in Taronga Park zoo, very amusing and got sent home in a parcel.

Joyce 2nd of the day, gave us a poem about coughed up answers to hide the plants growing weed in the shed up the back, replaced them with pot plants so suspicious cops who had been tipped off by who?? didn’t know what she was doing.

Alex 2nd was dedicated to girls in thongs who ignored the perils of water lifeguards and the undertow, then about fakes who drifted away??

Manya in her 2nd poem wrote of renting and the perils of unwanted mail, oh no the landlord had the place for sale, she went to restaurant serving snails, life is short what can I do, go for a cruise but I have no money.

Cedric,s 2nd poem for the day was hilarious, got to the mike and shouted I'm back, I'll drink to that, life is a rolling ball, I'll drink to that I’m older and wiser, I'll drink to that, I'm older but not bolder, I'll drink to that then drifted into a brilliant drunken stutter, I'll drink to that Ive had so much to drink I'll have another, brilliant and very entertaining.

Joyce for her 3rd poem told us about a rat at her back door, how can I get rid of him. Bought a special trap but it was in pieces in a box full of coils and things, instructions were in Chinese, caught the rat by the tail in the end. Very funny.

Kerrie who had arrived a bit late then read her poem about a highway man. Very entertaining.

Jeanette the listener for the day was suddenly with a poem in hand but but needed someone to read it. Banjo read the Poem Mulligans Misses who was big and fat and awful mean especially after the pub at 6. Bill got shot in the bum and Mulligans misses was selling thrashers by the ton. Great Poem.

Banjo still at the mike was then requested by the group to recite his crowning glory by memory. "Clancy of the Overflow" and as usual we all enjoyed his special rendition.

Bob the budgerigar from Mudgeeraba then wound up the day with a brilliant poem about being a SENAGER who doesn’t get up early, his life is his choice, life is good with a slow brain as we know so much so the call is for all SENAGERS to unite.

Once again how could you miss the friendship fun and laughter, that this day brings once a month, we are a great group with huge poetic talent that is a gem to attend.

Because the Library is unavailable on April 15th we are moving to one of our previous very welcoming Aged care facilities, The Terraces 74 University Drive, Varsity Lakes , next door to Bond Uni at 12 noon to 3.30pm. Where we found a great audience and some participation by some residents who are into Poetry and did some of their own great recitals.


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