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The Black Dog Ride 2017

Riding with Winston

The fun of travelling is a fun I’ve had little time to enjoy

I was always really busy and game fully employed

My children have the travel bug they crossed many a sea

They are much organised to handle money better than me

I did ten years driving peoples lives around on the back of a truck

It’s a bloody hard job and the drivers never make a decent buck

I loved waking up each day in another town in another place

Meeting different people everyday a brand new smiling face

I’ve drivin from the lovely Gold Coast, north west and south

I’ve put in sixteen hour days keeping food in my families mouth

I’ve been ripped off over worked lied to and crossly under paid

I’ve been to the government but no recovery effort was ever made

I’ve lived in New South Wales Victoria good ol sunny Queensland

I’ve drivin upon their western highways from Adelaide to Cairns

I’ve ridin my Triumph all the way to the beautiful Apple Isle

In fact I think that trip for charity has seen my greatest ever smile

I went on The Black Dog Ride standing up for a worthy cause with pride

Raising awareness and funds to help prevent the tragedy of suicide

I saw so many people that have lived around that unimaginable pain

I’m trying to do my bit to help stop it from happening again and again

I’d like to do that trip again ride along with my brand new mates

Smile and wave at strangers as we travel from state to state

Stopping in country towns to walk around and spread the word

Doing our bit to make sure that the voice of hope is heard

I wonder where they’re going this year, which destination they have planned

I hope they have great numbers and a support vehicle is found and fully manned

I want to join with them again next year and go to wherever it is that they choose

I want get rid of these post Black Dog Ride missing the open highway blues

Copyright Poetry in Paradise 11/05/18 Reg TM No- 1028534

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