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Men and their Gadgets

I guess all the women will give sigh

But the greatest inventions ever created

Are duct tape and the cable tie

They can keep a bicycle going

Hold outside furniture in a storm

Stop a woman from talking

Even help to mow the lawn

They can fix a broken window

Stop a leaking esky going dry

Hold up Christmas lights

That will still be there in July

A temporary panel beater

Hold a wobbly head light in place

Why I bet they’ve even used them

Up there, in outer space

Keep a toddler on a bicycle

So they don’t fall off and cry

Stick a long streamer to a kite

So it can soar through the sky

Hold the souls on your shoes

So you can walk and get a new pair

Patch up a dodgy fly screen

If there’s lots of holes in there

Keep the timber atop your car

When you’ve left your rope at home

Do a really quick repair job

When you’ve kicked over a gnome

Putting tinsel on a motorbike

So that it stays in place

Somewhere to hold my keys

So they don’t have to get replaced

So many different uses

Way to many to try and mention

So ill raise a toast to both of them

With the third bestest invention

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