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If I could Go Back In Time

If I could go back in time

I would only go if I could come back

I don’t want to know the future

Those secrets I would not hack

I’d like to see the planet

Before mankind came to earth

To see the wonderment of nature

Before mankind soiled the dirt

I’d like to walk with Adam

The day that he first met Eve

I’d like to sit on the mountains of Ararat

To watch the floodwaters recede

I’d like to be in Golgotha

So my own eyes could see

What actually transpired there?

In AD 29 or was it thirty three

I’d like to stand beside Moses

So I too could hear Gods voice

I’d like to hear Judas say

That he didn’t have a choice

I’d like to be in Gondwanaland

About Forty thousand years ago

I’d like to see the tribal customs

That today they still bestow

I’d like to sit outside a teepee

Before white man walked the land

See a grandfather teach his little ones

And go walking hand in hand

I’d like to dine with the Buddha

See the view from his place

Speak to him in his language

Understand his grace

I’d like to be at the birth

Of every human related to me

Trace my bloodline back

As far as far can be

Did I really come from Adam?

Or was it a monkey in a tree

Or some bacteria on a meteorite

That came flying through the galaxy

Poetry In Paradise Reg TM No. 1028534 28/10/18

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