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I met a cheerful group of people that were really quite inviting

We all came together to listen to the words they’d been writing

They peeled back all the layers and they spoke with an open heart

They shared some of their journey and of the times torn apart

All the colours of the rainbow came out in their verse

Some were very adlibbed while others quite rehearsed

A common thread was to be a passionate human being

Not seen as some weirdo from mars that is dirty and unclean

You see labels are for jars they are not meant to be put on people

They’re slowly trying to bend the doctrines of an archaic steeple

Being told you’re not right for the feelings born inside your soul

You must fit inside a bursting picture frame show us some control

A lot of pain and hardship they have met along their way

Simple things we take for granted they have to fight for everyday

From what to wear and what to say and even how to talk

To where to go and who to know and how to properly walk

You cannot be yourself for you make others cringe in fear

You must say the words from a concrete path to fit in here

Boys don’t cry and a real man knows how to handle a drink

Girls wear pretty dresses and should go stand behind a sink

I believe in free speech for every person in all this land

Everyone needs a fair go and at times we all need a hand

We should not be judged in the person that we choose love

They say he loves us one and all the holy one up above

Poetry in Paradise 2018 Reg TM NO 1028534

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