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Olivers First Ride

A minute before midnight we sat on our bed

Thinking about a poem for tomorrow

when I wanted to sleep instead

Six months of planning last night came to a head

My charity ride was over now

I could relax into our bed

Will it rain or wont it like the TV had said

Many people putting of their decision

Staying safely at home instead

Hours asking sponsors to donate to our cause

Many helpful businesses

None of them in it for the applause

Charity bins located three selected sites

Shopping centers supportive

For the fourth annual night

Over one hundred emails I had posted out

With not too many replies

Scripted apologies a denial with no doubt

Printed over three hundred flyers to disperse

Community billboards noticeboards

To some shops I was a curse

My Grandson Oliver is the reason for the ride

He's living with juvenile arthritis

He lives his life with pride

He’s a little trooper a kind and gentle soul

Give the shirt of his back

To another kid that’s feeling low

The rain held off and the sky was dark

As riders came on by

One by one they entered the car park

Sixty well lit bikes gathered on the day

It was Olivers first ride

He was so excited I have to say

I made him a ride vest with his name

He was surprised to see it

He made me cry with his exclaim

We were first to start off on the ride

Ollie was the Ride Captain

Beaming a smile one mile wide

The ride was truly a great success

Many hands helping

To make a night that was the best

Now its all done and dusted i'll shed a tear

So much effort into one night

I know I will do it all again next year.

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