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Don’t remember much of the morning that day as I slept 16 hours on the 14th and 12 hours on the 15th and then on Sunday I felt like I was dying from severe “Man Flu” and no sympathy ever comes to a Man in such peril and so close to death, but hey I survived again and made it to the recital then went home and slept till morning. Jamie and Amber were in China and sent their friends to run the shop and they got through it ok and didn’t do a bad job for first timers and their coffee was much appreciated and tasty. Everyone brought a ‘plate’ and we all shared the treats and even got to share some with a few of the locals that live around the library on the streets. Lots of chocolates, cakes, biscuits, drinks, fruit and even fruit pies (one large blue Tupperware container left behind by someone??) The optional themes were well-represented and first lines were also used, we started the day with apologies and well wishes from absent friends Coshi Tom Aaron David and Trish.

Bob kicked of the afternoon with his “please explain” poem to the politicians of our country and aired his displeasure with all that they do and mostly wont they don’t do and that he’s backed up to the eyeballs with bloody political correctness. His second poem was about his attempts to make his wife feel like she was eight again for her birthday, he took her on an all day treat with Macca’s and theme parks and rounding it up with a movie only to find out when they got home at 10pm that she wanted to be a size 8 not actually be 8 ha ha ha ha. He closed the day with his poem about Christmas in Australia called “It’s Gonna Be Hot” be an Aussie be proud and be fair dinkum and enjoy living in the what used to be the best country in the world.

Elizabeth joined us for our Christmas afternoon tea recital and she recited her poem about a soldiers wife living one day at a time as she waits for her husband to be redeployed to Afghanistan Somalia or Iraq; having to wonder where he is and when he will be back and the stress of will wondering if he will make it back, she counts downs the minutes till midnight and as he leaves she presents as a good wife and gives him her love and a loving smile as he walks out the door. Elizabeth’s second poem was from the internet about the Twelve days of Christmas and eating Turkey in may forms as days went by starting with fresh roasted then eating it cold then curried then fried then mince then turkey pancakes with a glass of alka seltzer then turkey pie then everyone was blue eating turkey stew then on the eleventh day the turkey was revolting and on the twelfth day Dad smacker his lips and we all ate fish n chips.

Banjo’s preamble was a tribute to his lovely wife Dawn and he also plugged his third poetry book. He recited a poem he wrote called “The Talking Dog” and it was well presented, delivered and appreciated by one and all. His third poem was my favorite “Bill of Ages” by Henry Lawson, thanks mate, perhaps God will fix up the world again for the sake of the likes of Banjo, I mean Bill.

Jean made it all the way from Nth NSW again to join us and shared her two-part poem about (part 1) two parents protecting their child from the Police and helping him to escape the country with the loot intact just a minute before midnight. Then (part 2) the child finding out his parents committed murder and the money is stolen and the police are hot on his trail, with the lesson being not to take money from anyone if you don’t knew where it came from; Jean assured us the poem is in no way autobiographical. Jean had a spot of bad luck and slid out of control in her car in the rain on the way home from poetry in December and thankfully she was not injured nor was anyone else except for a power pole that didn’t get out of the way in time, her car was just declared a write off so she wont be coming to poetry till March when she will have a new car.

Jeanette recited her poem about sitting on her bed and thinking to herself then wondering if she would wake up in the morning, then counting sheep to get to sleep over the anxiety. Her second poem was about looking into the mirror and wondering who that old person was looking back at her and then wondering how she still feels so young at heart and the mirror must surely be telling lies; summing up the poem with the statement that old age is not for her and that she will live a long time until death comes to her door.

David (Harr) recited his poem about a conflict with a mosquito one night that led to a friendship after he tried to kill the noisy bugger with spray and it didn’t work, he then consented to donate blood and “David” and he sat up all night talking about life and both of them laughing especially at each others laugh. His second poem was about his friendship with Noni and her Mum and he had hoped to pursue Noni and maybe a loving relationship would begin, but then Noni had to fly of to Spain and visit her scum bag boyfriend and he got sad, but Noni’s Mum comforted him and they began talking and a relationship blossomed and he thought it was love but he wisely decided to give them both a miss.

Ted was in fine form as he presented a poem he wrote about one of his school students Elizabeth 13yo; she had been highly praised by all her teachers and fellow students for her enthusiasm and positive optimistic attitude in all parts of life and her devotion to the bible. His second poem was the question is there a Santa Claus, Ted assures us that there is and has been for a long time in many cultures in many countries, starting in Germany and that he actually works for Jesus Christ under the worlds first Santa Clause.

Judi made it for the first time in four months and she was very happy to be there amongst friends and had a great afternoon, her first poem was a Christmas poem about life and enjoying being in our Poetry in Paradise group. Judi’s second poem was about her recent change in life where she moved into a new house and she spoke of all the drams and chaos and pressure that comes with such a move but then she focused on the positive and declared a new house is a new beginning in life.

Manya recited her poem from 2015 about the 100thanniversary of Gallipoli and she prompted us to spare a thought for all the Turkish Mums and Dads who also lost family during such a senseless battle instigated by the British and the machinery of war, will we ever learn, it appears not. Manya’s second poem was about the circle of life as she pondered would we meet again, maybe in a nursing home and share tales of the past and all our adventures.

Dawn was up early as usual and she came along for the final recital of the year and she recited her poem about New Years Eve written in August this year, she also has moved into a new apartment and started a new adventure in life and she is hoping for the best and wondering what she will be doing at a minute to midnight 31/12/18. Dawn’s second poem was about the future in 5 years time and she is positive that things will be better and life will be good and she is sure she is right.

Joyce chimed in with her poem about a minute to midnight titled “The Grandfathers Clock” as she pondered on the clock she has known for most of her life and how it has kept time over the years, she wondered would time stop if it did and would anyone notice. Joyce’s second poem was about a sprightly cricket that met a friendly cockroach on a sultry night and the cockroach complained about humans calling the “Blue” team cockroaches and then they performing so badly that to be a cockroach was bloody tough gig now, the cricket laughed and said “the humans have a game called cricket but we are not stupid enough to rub sandpaper on our balls” !!!

Lyn and Peter joined us and Lyn recited her poem about Peter being in the pub on Christmas Eve afternoon with no present purchased for her, he then left the pub and bought a present on his way home and went to bed a happy man. Lyn’s second poem was about sitting on the bed at home and pondering on the next home renovations to conquer and considering would it be new blinds, painting, new carpet or new towels; then deciding to go to Bunnings and have a look!!

Yvonne was another person sitting on her bed when strange things happened, people came out of photos and their ghosts floated around the room, then a mouse appeared and all the female ghosts flew away while the male ghosts chased the mouse, she set a mouse trap and went back to bed. Yvonne’s second poem was about her next ocean cruise and she wondered if there would be a cyclone and would she have to take seasick tablets and float around on a ‘noodle stick’ and hope it passes quickly.

John recited his poem about one minute to midnight a long time ago when he was first married and there was a conflict with some man threatening his wife and John ended up arrested and taken to Rose Bay station and came back reeking of alcohol at a minute to midnight. John’s second poem was about when he lived in Adelaide and he found little bits of veggies all over the floor like turnips and carrots and bits of ham then he saw a hambone and then a Jersey cow standing in the doorway.

Alan recited his poem and it was short and sweet and about three lines complete, that’s all he had to say and he reckons someone had to pay. His second poem was about a minute to midnight and he was getting a discount ordering toilet rolls at a minute to midnight.

Kathy recited her first poem “The Gift That Never Stops Giving” the joy to all shop owners, the Gift Voucher, so many times they get lost or misplaced or it goes unclaimed and the shop keeps the profit or they put ridiculous expiry dates on them rendering them useless. Kathy’s second poem was called “Jingle Bells Jingle Bells” as she asked Santa to be nice to her for she has really tried to be a good girl and do the right thing and that speeding ticket wasn’t her fault, she is sorry for getting cranky sometimes and maybe her patience is wearing thin but she has had enough of political correctness, diets, terrorism laws, over the top animal rights campaigners and the Transport Department, enough is enough.

Roger started off the afternoon in a passionate mood when he vented his disbelief at the ‘Global warmers’ claims, he studied climatology at university many years ago and none of the negative predictions from then have come true so he wants to fire up the coal burners and drive the ‘Greenies’ into the ocean. His second poem was about his famous legendry Tibetan scribed Prayer Hat that was sold to him by a Buddhist monk for $2:00 in Tibet. Then one day in Sydney he saw the Dalai Lama and to his surprise the Dalai Lama ran up to him and greeted him with “Friendly Aussie you have prayer hat” he asked Roger if knew the words scribed on the hat and Roger admitted he didn’t, the Dalai Lama translated it to him “A fart a fart is good for the heart, it sets the heart at ease and suffocates the fleas”.

Marta was there with her camera on hand to capture our yearly Christmas group photo and she did a great job. Marta’s first poem was about next year as she swore to cook more eat less wear nice dresses and be a good wife, she told David of her resolutions and he kissed her said “you’re perfect already”. Marta’s second poem was a thank you to us all for a great poetry group and our great friendships and she reminded us that at this time of the year her heart is in two places, one here with David and us and the other 15:685 kilometer’s away with her other family.

The 2019 flyer has been printed with one MAJORerror; the one I printed has April the 21ston it. I realized that and had made a new one with 28thon it due to Easter again, but I sent out and handed out the wrong flyer. I will print a new one and bring it to the next recital on the 20thJanuary.

Thank you to everyone for your support and for making our group a friendly place to be in as we enter our 15thyear and proudly we are still going strong. March 2004 was the first Poetry in Paradise in Chistabellas Restaurant at Harbour Town with me myself and I, where Grill’d Burgers are now. Then in May it was at Evergreens Bundall with Manya, John, Carolyn, Helen, Dancin Dan and his girlfriend and in June Bob, Joan, Gloria Lydia and Sue joined us; we stayed there for over two years then we were at The Teahouse Café at Mudgeeraba till March 2010. Jumbo Java Café at Labrador for three months then our first recital at Southport library was 20/06/10.

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