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The Uprising

My falsity stung me like a hornet and I regret some things I said

Your past comes back to haunt you the politicians face was red

Those campaign promises that never ever see the day of light

Those words are brushed away once they know they’ve won the fight

The country is in a worse state then the previous party said

We’re tearing up those policies those promises now are dead

We need to vote on a pay rise its much worse than we thought

We went to look inside the coffers and all we found was naught

We need you all to tighten up your belts to try and get us ahead

We’ll have to increase taxes and we know that’s not what we have pledged

We’ll cut some hospitals and school funding to try and save our nation

We’ve promised billions in foreign aid but scrapping that’s not a temptation

We need our pensions increased yes we need a well padded bed

Increase our superannuation

then tax yours to compensate instead

When we retire we’ll give each other some real easy cushy job

Earn a wage and a pension and the old buggers we will rob

When this land becomes a third world country

despite what we said

When the Aussie battler is long gone

and the dream is stone cold dead

We will sit with our families in our chalets

and our mansions overseas

We’ll joke with our grandchildren

how we brought Australia to its knees

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