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LAWSON’s SELECTION: (55 poem titles)

To an old mate, a prouder man than you

Saint Peter, the new chum Jackeroo

Taking his chance, a May night on the mountains

The city bushman, the Blue Mountains

The women of the town, the bush girl

A bush girl! I’d back again the world

The men who live it down, the shearer’s

In the storm that is to come, Australian engineers

The foreign drunk, the things we dare not tell

The king, the imported servant, Cromwell

Andy’s return, riding round the lines

The afterglow, the ghost, the firing line

To my friends, said the Kaiser to the spy

Waratah and Wattle, my land and I

Years after the war in Australia

The drovers, the heart of Australia

Out back, the ballad of the drover

The old, old story and the new order

How the land was won, the pride that comes after

From the bush, the black bordered letter

The rouseabout, the man from Waterloo

The old stockman’s lament, at the Paroo

Sheoaks that sigh when the wind is still

He had so much work to do, Corny Bill

New life, new love, the water lily

The rovers, my army, oh, my army

The shearing shed, the bursting of the boom

The light on the wreck, the poets of the tomb

  • © David Cosh

Hope Island. 14 th

February 2019

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