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75 km from Walgett

Along the Gwydir Highway

Camping by the Barwon River

Watching the clear night sky

We were out shooting rabbits

We had an esky for a fridge

Ate our lunch in the river

A couple of hours from lighting ridge

Dad and my two brothers

Camping on our own

Each had our own rifle

Uncovered food was fly blown

Getting drunk at twelve

While smoking cigarettes

All the Dads passed out drinking

Kids with guns and no regrets

Last time I went there

My stepdad and his son

Driving and spotlighting at fifteen

Shooting pigs was fun

My brother shot at a rabbit

While I held it aloft in my hand

My leg stung like fire

What to tell mum just began

When I think back to camping

alone beneath a blanket of stars

I can’t remember any sorrows

Nor recall every scar

I took my own kids camping

Several times to a different spot

We shared lots of fun times together

And surprise…….no one was shot

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