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Excuberance of Youth

The silliest thing I ever did was living like a street kid

Man, we really ran a muck

Doing whatever we wanted and never gave a dam

In trouble with the police for petty stuff

Taking a beating at the station

Getting arrested just for association

Stealing this and stealing that

And party all weekend long

Believing we had done no wrong

So many girls wanted to come back

to our place to have a ball

we invited and enjoyed them one and all

Then things got out of hand for one chap

and somebody got raped

I decided then that I wanted to escape

Five years of recklessness

And running outside the law

Doing things, we’d not done before

Then one night somebody was murdered

And that’s where I drew the line

I walked away from them and a life of crime

They all ended up in prison for what they did

They were really deep in strife

The leader copped the lot, and he got 18 to life

They’ve all been in and out prison

Now half of them are dead

They had not the parents that the good book said

I was strong and I could fight

Never needed to have a weapon around

Not one bully ever got me on the ground

The silliest thing I ever did was to start to wag school

that was how I got to be one of the boys

that ALL the girls thought were really cool


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