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RU OK Mate

RU OK with all this talk of suicide rates

We need a cure, a new path of invention

When so many of the departing folks

don’t seek any type of professional intervention

the silent ones that just go off

and leave their friends rejected

broken hearts and broken lives

a sense of duty they’ve neglected

the wishes made through tears

questions raised in self reflection

what did I miss what didn’t I see?

so much pain and self-rejection

I’ve thought about it all myself

My job puts in my face everyday

I know all the not what to do’s

If I ever want it all to go away

I don’t find it frightening

That someone wants to die

I live with chronic pain every day

Many times, it’s made me cry

I know what abuse scars are like

how life can be pretty tough

I know what it feels like

To know you’ll never be enough

I don’t have any answers

I have no authority in what I say

But I’ve never answered truthfully

To the question RU OK

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