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The Gold Coasts Best-Loved Poets

First to mind topping the list

Is a poet that can’t be missed?

He is the one that we call know

The happy beaming Mr. Banjo

One that quickly comes to mind

Is a Poet of another kind

His Joke’s can make you sob

He is our lovely Aussie Bob

A beautiful poet with a great big heart

Is a lady I’ve known from the very start

Manya’s words can make you cry

Speaks the truth never a lie

He’s softly spoken at times hard to hear

But his words have meaning deep and clear

He’s not one to ever go on and on

He was there one day one and his name is John

From the southern land of blood diamonds

Telling odd tales of such strange findings

He’s a talented lad the original artful dodger

With his fart hat comes me ol’mate Rodger

A lady that is full of grace and poise

Who’s never been guilty of making a noise

Never been accused of scribing a rudie

You’ll love our toastmaster Judi

She’s strutted the boards for many a year

Started in England and continued over here

She got and OBE card and she’s livin the dream

Our leading lady bushwalker and poet our Jean

A poet that perfectly delivers the final twist

Is a lady without a delicate wrist

She’s not afraid to pen a naughty line

Joyce is the Queen of the Aussie strine

A man from the land of many poetry masters

Who has penned some poems elevating him to the rafters?

Descriptive words with a heartfelt vibe

David is a very talented scribe

Tom is the original comedic storyteller

A real down to earth lovely fella

He’s top bloke with a sense of humour

Take it from me don’t believe the rumour

If you like a poem that’s to the point

That doesn’t muck around all over the joint

If strong emotions are what your after

No one tops our precious talented Marta

5th generation of Scottish maroon

with political satire he can bust your balloon

he loves Jack and he built him a bar

words have really taken Eoin afar

If you like a man with a beaming smile

the light of Christ illuminates his dial

he’s an avid writer and he’s really well red

a lawyer you can trust is our man Ted

Her words are kind and its love she loves best

With a pretty smile, not too bad in a dress

She loves her man and he reckons there’s no one sweeter

Lyn can make us laugh and cry supported by her Peter

From the land of excess over there to the east

Came a creative writer with a hidden beast

Alan knows how to fill up a whole page

But then in just two lines and he can vent his rage

Nearly always dressed in white

her words are nice and she loves to write

Always happy with a smiling face

We like to have Jeanette around the place

A educated and widely travelled lady

Who’s words are preselected and never ever shady

From London to New York she has sampled every dish

Our very proper and polite our wordsmith Trish

An English teacher you’d think she could be on time

We let her in because her words all rhyme

Every scale of emotion she can put in poem

Kathy loves the bush and birds in her home

From the southern state that God calls home

To our backyard he decided to roam

He loves his wife and family he ain’t all poshy

He bangs a good yarn does our mate Coshie

He’s always polite and neatly well dressed

He decided to pick up a pen and put his brain to the test

of literary mistakes it seems he is baron

a well crafted scribe is the talented Aaron

There’s another bloke that hails from the south

full of emotions he’s not afraid to mouth

he’s had a rough trot and been dealt a low blow

but David’s a survivor and he gettin on with the show

There’s one poet that has proudly told us her age

Discrimination and fear has caused her to rage

In our quiet little group she fits in like the norm

Walk softly but carry a big stick is our friend Dawn

A lady amongst us has seen many sides of life

A daughter a Mum a Grandma and a loving wife

She is kind and caring and helps the blind

With music and love Yvonne’s warm light does shine

She has lived in the city and she’s lived in the bush

She once heard a toad talking she will admit with a push

She loves her son her daughter her grandson and her terrier

Elisabeth writes from the heart the more the merrier.

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