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You Can Buy Memories

You know I shoulda bought those tickets

I can be a real bloody tight ass prick

Five hundred dollars a flamin seat

It was enough to truly make ya feel sick

Is any band really worth that much

Is getting in the good books worth the price

Surely there’s someone else half as dear

and they’ll probably be twice as nice

The original bands not even together

I think I’ve heard that two of em died

Now they’re all in their seventies

Nowhere for strained vocals to hide

I see the young son of the founder

He’s taken his Dads place on the bill

Also they’ve reached out to the country

Enlisted the help of Vince Gill

I hope they can take it easy

That they blend and really give it a go

I’d sure hate to see then flounder

And sound like an ol desperado

I can’t tell you why I didn’t buy them

Before the prices really went through the ceiling

But I’m not losing any sleep over it

For I’ve got a real peaceful easy feeling

I can’t give you the best of my love

You can’t look into my lyin’ eyes

One of these nights I know I may regret it

When I wake from a tequila sunrise

Now the tour has been and gone

And they say it wasn’t all wasted time

The new kid in town held his own

and Vince, they he sounded just fine

So take my advice when you baulk at a price

Lets just say that I’m here to warn ya

You cannot under value your receival

To the Hotel California

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