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The Jerry Can and The Hole

But my jerry can has a hole in it

So now my petrol will not fit

It’s no good to try and store

For it will run right on the floor

I can’t put in a plastic can

The bloody government has a ban

How do I fix this stupid hole?

It seems to beyond my control

My car is five kilometers away

And look at my jerry can here today

The only purpose it has in life

Is to get me and my car out of strife

I don’t want to pay for a new can

So I came up with a brilliant plan

Bought two full rolls of tin foil

Wrapped around the base like a coil

I used three rolls of masking tape

To stop the petrol trying to escape

I filled it up and it was sound

I walked back with pride toward town

My plan was working I was so smart

No need for me to go to Automart

My tin was full and I’d spent over twenty

Five hot kilometers and I didn’t have any

I walked back with my thumb out

A bloody fool there was no doubt

A got a new can and stood in line

To fill it up cost me five ninety nine

I should have done that and not been a twit

When I saw me jerry can, had a hole in it

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