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The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is so complex, its meanings very wide.

It could be an outward show or

something deep inside.

Visiting your relatives, saying Hallo to your friends,

Remembering guilty actions and

trying to make amends.

Shopping, cleaning, cooking –

the turkey has to bake –

Sweating, rushing, worrying.

Will I ever get a break?

Wrapping lovely presents, tinsel on the tree,

Thinking of everybody. (No-one thinks of me!)

Finding room for food in a fridge that’s undersize.

Lamingtons and cakes, puddings and mince-pies.

Hoping you’ve bought enough and all of it will last.

Stopping suddenly to think of years gone past.

Memories come back, prompted by a song,

Photograph or perfume: the images are strong.

They may be happy or sad or poignant

in our mind.

We shed a tear and remember who were so kind.

We miss them more at Christmas, that special time of the year,

A time we will remember and want our loved ones near.

Nothing’s ever perfect. We lose, we gain, we fall.

We suffer deep depression and see no joy at all.

Christmas makes it worse when he or she has gone.

Everyone else has a mate and you are all alone.

But then you’ll find that Christmas is something even more

Than parties, food and drink. It’s an ever-open door.

Because you know the season isn’t just a holiday:

It has another meaning, deeper in every way.

It celebrates the birthday of

One who came to earth

To help us in our troubles. He saved us with

His birth.

He knows our loneliness, how we are locked in tight

With bands of steel around us.

He sees each empty night.

He knows the daylight hours are filled

with thoughts so sad.

We’re marking time and hurting and slowly going mad.

But He will bring us through it – if only we help too.

He can work a miracle but it’s really up to you.

Let Him come in any way – through relative or friend.

Go out and start again. Get there in the end.

Christmas might be happy or really very sad;

It might be very lonely when everything feels bad.

It’s really not important to think what isn’t right.

Far better take some action to make the future bright.

He will always help you and people are so kind.

There’s often someone close who doesn’t seem to mind.

For one of Christmas’ meanings is to spread a little love.

Go right out and spread it, while He watches from above.

Jean Watson 15/12/19

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