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To Harrison

To Harrison 17/11/19

Am I still a kid at heart

It’s not easy bein a man

So tough bein and adult

Making a lifelong plan

I still do stupid things

When will I grow up

That bloke that just turned 90

Said I’m just a pup

Don’t teach her this or that

Irene calls me out

Kailani loves me

That’s what it’s all about

Michael’s havin a son

A new kid on the block

Wait till he meets grandad

Ain’t he in for a shock

Madi will lock’im up

Till he can run an walk

Then ol grand has a crack

And teaches him to talk

Me other grandsons

think I’m a bit of a lark

they say that I tell lies

they still fear Zombi park

I might be a kid at heart

there’s nothing I won’t do once

it’s when ya do it twice

ya start lookin like a dunce

I love surfin on my Mal

Ridin on my Trumpy

Sleepin in till midday

Well known for bein grumpy

So, let the chips fall and

Land where they may

I’ll worry about it tomorrow

For that’s a brand-new day

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