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Keeping in Focus

Keeping In Focus

May as well show you the naked truth,

Before some individual calls me a fat liar.

Where has all the commonsense disappeared to― struth!

How many good souls have now perished in the "re.

Talk about mountains and molehills and loo paper selling out,

But coughing and a sneezing ain't going to give you the runs.

Yes, the dreaded Corona virus― my it's got some clout,

Pretty much *u-like if you take it to your lungs.

It's supposed to be fatal for folk of all ages,

If a runny-red-nosed cougher comes near.

In plain English it's another of those evolutionary changes,

Vaccine versus virus mutation, another new strain this year.

We're only adapting to the present as we know it,

Change has been with us going back to the beginning.

It's even tough when local charities are caught out,

When helpers help themselves by double-dipping.

I'm pretty happy though, with the way things are advancing,

I seem to enjoy all the hurdles along the way.

If you've a bee in your bonnet beware of the sting,

You're forfeiting many precious hours in the day.

Just remember any change happens for a reason,

Without assuming gremlins are to blame for that fear.

There's no need to panic, you're not in the silly season,

Maybe why Van Gough took a knife to his ear.

So I'm sure things will go back to normal,

It's like the main ingredient of a sandwich.

If you tumble away without cushioning your fall,

You'll fall face down― prostate in a ditch.

John Stewart©2020

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