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Got Nothing But Time






The time has come around my friends and there is no doubt of that

Our lives have changed forever and somebody ate a bat

This started over in Wuhan then it spread quickly overseas

The world government let thousands of infected people leave

They let them flee the country to spread out after the bat attack

Go out into the world they said no need to come on back

Greedy countries let their students in to pay their university fees

What’s a few hundred thousand with a facemask and a sneeze

You can’t leave China now and fly directly to your new study town

So just slip on out the back door and do the old run a round

Their cash funds the chancellors and the taxman thinks it’s beaut

They’re opening up so many doors for the Confucius institute

Then people on the cruise ships with their entitled sense of worth

Shared their bloody viruses through nearly every port on earth

It will never happen to me they said, it was their selfish battle cry

Infection rates skyrocketed and the world watches each other die

One by one they left the ports and then ventured across the lands

The price we are now paying is we can’t even hold each other’s hands

Then the world turned on each other with the crazy shopping spree

Tag teaming in the supermarkets not there for you it was just for “me”

They had to buy all of the formula and they didn’t behave very nice

They bought out all the pasta and took every bloody grain of rice

Everyone really lost the plot when they started on this worldwide caper

If you want to survive the purge you must be wrapped in toilet paper

Now the world is stuck at home to weather this manmade infestation

The internet is filled with cheap Chinese crap to help us in our isolation

The keyboard warriors are in doors fighting with their falsehoods and lies

The media feeds the panic with their unprecedented headlines and cries

They’ve closed the pubs and clubs and killed the entertainment scene

They want us stuck at home to be fed by the free to air black box machine

Thousands will die as the virus crosses all the way from coast to coast

Only the healthy and the wealthy will survive the rest of us are toast

When this pandemic panic is all over and all the bodies laid to rest

Our politicians will come out and claim for us they did their best

For those of us that survive this purge and live on to tell the tale

About the time when common sense was not allowed to prevail

Once we’re all neatly locked inside our homes with families no friends

The Governments plan comes into play and our freedom truly ends

Forced through isolation to give up our paper money and free trade

Careers as unemployed welfare dependent servants will be duly made

Everyone get vaccinated and have your boundary crossings approved

The governments will decide if and where the workers can be moved

Infection control will be the rule to guide us along on our new path

Superannuation payouts will disappear into the wealthy bankers laugh

Only two people will venture out from home while eight can stay in alone

Just to be careful before we are allowed out once again to freely roam

What will our new lives look like when we will mourn the days of old

Will water food and freedom become the new poor man’s dream of gold

Copyright Poetry In Paradise Reg TM No 1028534

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