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Kell's ride for the Future

There’s a boxer on the Gold Coast

And he’s pretty tough

His head is really bald

And his face’s a bit rough

God asked him to face

This test that I sent ya

Lets see how you against

Early onset dementia

He put down the towel and

stepped into the ring

He said “Come on ya bastard

you bring on everything”

Kell’s ready for this battle

And he wants to explode

He’s taken the fight to the streets

Yeah he’s hitting the road

He’s circling our great country

To get the message out

He’s telling the whole world

What this fight is all about

Kell’s feeling pretty mean

He’s fired up and he’s all gnarly

He’s thundering through your town

On his brand spanking new Harley

He’s calling out from the lake

Right up to the top of the sky

He’s taking on this battle

He’s going way up on high

Shoutin here in Australia

Then he’s off to NZ

He’s gonna tell them Kiwi’s

what he’s has already said

Then he’s off to the States

And he’s not giving any thanks

He’s gonna shout it out loud

To all those noisy Yanks

He’s fighting the battle

And doin himself proud

“You aint beatin me dementia”

He’s speaking that out loud

We’re all proud of his efforts

and we are all standin in his corner

So watch out you bastard disease

Kell’s comin out to warn ya

Now he’s fought his final fight

Sadly he’s laying here today

and if you close your eyes

you can hear what he would say

“I’m on the highway to heaven

I’ve got the golden road to ride

I did me bloody best boys

I lived and died with pride’

“Think of me with fondness

when its ‘stands up’ time today

I’ll be cruisin off now on my Harley

I’ll send some help down your way”

A final word from his cruiser mates

As we and Sat Nav let him go

It’s been an honour to ride with you mate

The irrepressible

the one and only

Bald Psycho

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM No 1028534

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