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We All Want To Live

We all want to live

We breathin the same air

We can love each other

We all come from everywhere

You’re lying on your back

stone cold in the street

Your heart has gone an stopped

It’s not keepin with the beat

Somebody runs up

Puts some air into your lungs

Do you think you heart cares

Who the air is coming from

You see there is no colour

When it’s draining from your face

There are not any enemies

Just two fighters in this race

Your body starts breathing

Another humans in your skin

A stranger saved your life

You were lookin pretty dim

There is no black or white

No yellow red or blue

Its brother saving brother

Come on sister do it too

Let’s stand beside each other

The power of music’s in our hands

Let’s play our songs together

Love be the hope of our demands

Music is the key for everybody

To the heart inside of planet earth

we can all live and love together

we’re all equal in Gods worth

Copyright Poetry in Paradise

Reg TM No 1028534


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