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The Invisible Enemy

It came out of left field, no-one was prepared An invisible enemy that knew no bounds Leaving everyone defenceless And all of us scared An apocalypse in all but name The virus destroyed the fabric of daily life The world brought to its knees By something you cannot see Hiding in their homes the people sought refuge Told not to go out or touch each other The most basic of human instincts Brought to a halt The day will come they keep saying When things return to a new normal But when that day will be they cannot say All we can do is live for today No more carousing or eating out No pubs or clubs or festivals No footy or sport or Olympic Games Even the churches aren't spared the pain A new order will evolve from those that are left But it will never be the same The smiles of carefree joy Victim to that which can't be seen

Copyright Bill van de Graaff 03/04/2020

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