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The Nurse

We nurses are “special” people

All the “special” things we do

Like eating a peanut butter sandwich

While documenting your poo

We’ve been bitten and spat on

We’ve been assaulted and kicked around

We’ve been thanked and we’ve been loved

We’ve heard a brand-new babies sound

We’ve held life and we’ve held death

And everything there is in-between

We’ve cried and we’ve celebrated

To be a part of such a great team

We’ve faced every kind of infection

There’s MRSA, MDR-TB and VRE

There’s red, black and green vomit

BSI SSI VAP UTI and our own PPE

There was SARS and H1N1Swine Flu

We’ve faced pandemic’s before

Now there’s the new Covid nineteen

No one knows what lays instore

It’s just another day at the office

For all of those in the front line

We still get random accidents and injuries

Each day we never know what we will find

Some would scream and run in horror

Others may throw up on the floor

Us nurses will always take a closer look

Then ask, what’d ya do that for ?

Take that needle away from me

I’m gonna faint, I’ll soon be sick

Oh you big sook we say

You’re afraid of a little prick

Would you like your eye drops in your room

Or would you like them in your eyes

Roll up your sleeve madam

I have a really good surprise

Working rosters round the clock

Not much like nearly every other trade

Overworked and over stressed

Then quizzed when mistakes are made

What day of the week is this?

And what is the time of day

Being told you’re ever so lucky

With all that extra pay

Gettin up in the morning

Well it’s afternoon for you

Some days no sleep at all

There’s just too much we have to do

Like looking for my deck phone

When it’s right there in my hand

Then arguing about what day it is

With the hopeless Telstra man

A tactful sense of humour

Can be a very useful tool

Knowing when to lighten the moment

Carefully never making anyone a fool

A nurse can say to a friend

When their Parkinson’s makes them shake

Can you hold onto this Martini?

What a beauty!!! you will make

It’s really such a hoot sometimes

A real joy, just to be a nurse

But please!!!! Instead of coming to my hospital

Could you go see your GP first!!!

Poetry in Paradise

Reg TM No 1028534

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