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What Happened to Nick Names?

So far as I can ascertain

Nick names were never my domain.

Others have blessed me with a few,

Nothing at all had I to do.

Icky, who but a parent

Could that name patent?

No explanation was ever given.

At least it’s only known in Heaven.

From Carolyn and Shotsie

Came the next, Yumpy,

Two girls who lived across the road

Also sometimes called me a toad.

Captain Al was the last

And I got it extra fast.

No one else in the fraternities

Wanted the job looking after the pledges.

But the really last nick name

From my children came.

It was Dood and for the life of me

Its origin I cannot see.

( Note, with regards to Captain Al, there had to be a pledge captain to look after the new members of the fraternity I choose, Psi Upsilon, and no one else wanted the job so I was the patsy. There was retribution, however. I organized all the Pledges not to return to college for pledge week as I couldn’t afford to quit my summer job early enough to get to campus and got all of them to stay away also. Many of us were paying our own way through college and just needed that extra money to survive. )

Alan Turner, 4/4/2020

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