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Aussie Rules

From me dark hair with the greying roots

To me tattooed arms ‘n’ Japanese riding boots

From me king gee pants tis all that I knows

And I get’s me bargains monthly, at Lowes!!!

From my old akubra hat and me holden ute

To my faithful singlet and ability ta shoot

From my love of sunshine and me brown tanned skin

To my stand for a mate and me will to win

From me poor grammar and me curseful tongue

From me needs on me bike to hit the ton

From me BBQ perfected cooking skills

To me truck drivin days wide eyed poppin pills

From me two meat and beer staple diet

I know I should cook veggies but I’m not game to try it

My woman doesn’t ask me to buy those things

She knows what kinda stress, that kinda thing brings

I’ll come round to ya place when the footy is on

Bring me own six pack!!!! and drink all all all day long

I’ll fix me car in ya driveway complete with oil leaks

Then sit on ya couch and ya'll cop it for weeks

Ya mates are all lazy those drunken bums

Then with the bestya mates she bloody well off and runs

Well I’ve been called a wombat and if the shoe fit’s I’ll wear it

There’s been many times that I’ve grinned and had cause to bear it

I stole all of me dad’s best Sidchrome tools

I empty me Mum’s fridge its just one of those rules

I rag on me sister and always call her dumb

But you’ve seen her stinkin kids, they're mongrels each and every one!!!

I’ve punched both of me brother’s lost two fights with Dad

But the one I left standin was the last one we had

You ask what is means to have Aussie pride

It’s to know on the night of the 25th of April you’re proud to have cried

It’s knowing about the date the 6th day of August 1915

What it is to an Aussie and what does it mean

All gave some and some gave all

Thousands of Aussies were there for the forgotten war

It’s to work real hard and not be a jerk

And to still be able to shake the hand of the son of a Turk

It’s knowing about places like Milne Bay

And how many gave up their 15 years of youth so we could stand here today

Its telling those Yanks their fine over there in the States

that we are not guys we're fair dinkum Aussie mates

It’s being polite to a Japanese tourist with out any regret

But then reminding those whale killing bastards that we never forget!!!!

It's fridee night take away at your local Chinese

Then remind em we'll die on our feet an won't live on our knees

It's ragin those pommies bastards devoted to the queen

that us convicts are they toughest sportsmen they ever seen

Its remembering Aussies and all the wars

And lovin or hatin me ol mate John Laws

Its picking up the phone on a Sunday morn

and telling Macca all about your dawn

It’s singing songs like Jimmies Khe Sahn

And teachin your own son to become a man

It’s knowing names like Snowy Baker ‘n’ol Billy Grime

And remembering in ya own dreams Errol’s bold time

It’s reciting Banjo, Henry ,CJ or Mackellar

It’s beer at the public bar and being proud to be a fella

It’s singing JW with a stubbie or two in hand

With the echo of ‘hey true blue’ right across this great land

It’s lovin your mate for all that your worth

She should always feel like she’s the reason you're still here on earth

I’m proud to say, I am an Australian son

Like Namatjira ,my heart and the soil neath my feet are one!!!!.


Copyright Poetry in Paradise.

Reg No. 1028534

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