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Father and Son


As the sun crossed the mountain

The trailer came up the ramp

A whole day spent on the Broadwater

Two sailors with clothes all damp

A father and a Son

Enjoying, being part of a team

A father teaching the ropes

The Son’s mind on other dreams

Passing on some knowledge

From the old to the young

Relying on each other

While both still having fun

We saw something in the water

It was long and it was black

We passed right over the top it

And we did not hurry back

We joked of that old movie

You know the one called jaws

It was about then he changed his mind

and wanted to head for either shores

then we hit something solid

and it made a very loud sound

we were out in the deepest water

so we could not have run aground

his eyes lit up like beacons

sure he was close to death

but when I laughed it off myself

his fear and panic had all but left

the sun was so high and gentle

the wind at times was quiet strong

we sailed up north and south

when we headed for home, the breeze had gone

The boat is his if he wants it

But he doesn’t want all the chores

Like washing and drying sails

And repairing any flaws

As the Sun crossed the mountain

His girlfriend was on the phone

He spoke with great excitement

He bragged of his nautical skills,

all the way back home.

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM # 1028534


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