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James Bulger

Little James Bulger went out for a walk

His mother went along for he was too young to talk

In fact this cute little fellow only recently

Learnt how to walk

Along came the devil

disguised as two boys

with eyes as cold as ice

thinking James was just a toy

What they had in mind that day

the devil himself would not employ

pure evil was inside them

their souls only knew, destroy

Little James Bulger

Like with a big brother was led away

His Mother searched frantically

In the seconds he slipped away

Little James Bulger lost his life that day

The horrors that he witnessed

In a soul so young

He must’ve wondered with his last breathe

What had he done wrong

The evil they cast upon him

Can not be repeated by my pen

They have forfeited their right to existence

Acknowledgment of their names must end

They no longer deserve to be named

As once amongst the human race

Remove the devils image from the church

Then with images over laid do so replace

Keep the unnamed creatures

Locked away forever and a day

Fill their cells with James Bulgers life

Let guilt eat what is left of their souls away

Our hearts go out to James Mother

We must help rebuild her life

Let her know the world is weeping

As we cherish what is left of life

Try to take away the pain and the sadness

Help her to celebrate the life and love

Of such an innocent beautiful boy

James Bulger we remember in peace up above.

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM #1028534

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