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Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

Long night s alone, well who the hell suggested that

Why would I want to recall all the nights I’ve felt like crap?

All the days I’ve woken up to find I was still bloody here

And all the times I’ve tried,, to drown myself inside my beer

Long nights alone to me is just no good at all

It makes me think of all the times I had back up against the wall

All the women that have broken torn and shattered my weary heart

And all the damage I’ve inflicted and the lives I’ve torn apart

Long nights alone driving an interstate removal truck

Feeling very lonely and wishing for some good luck

All the trips around the place for which I got no pay

All the bosses that are laughing as they take my wages away

Long nights alone in the watch house sleeping on a cold concrete floor

Getting the toast that’s left over from about three weeks before

Going to the toilet in front of all and in full view

Trying to remember why it was me in there, and not you!!

Long nights alone I hate to think of those that are yet to come

When there’ll be bugger all to do except stick my finger up my bum

Crippled in some nursing home with me nappy an twenty cups of tea

Well at least I won’t have to get out of bed, every time I need to pee

Long nights alone some married people may wish would come their way

Or those of you with adult children or those relatives that insist that they must stay

To be all alone, just you, not, one ,other, living, soul inside your house

To be able to hear a mossie cough or the farting of a mouse

Long nights alone will mean some different to us all

I what I consider dull and dreary you may consider quite a ball

Things that I would like to do, you may think of with some disgrace

That’s why God made us all different, and I, don’t live at your place



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