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Two Star Hotel

On a date filled with tragic glories, rose a nation built on stories

born from courage on that Landing far away

The spirit to rise above, when it’s your country that you love

the trapped miners would have felt it in some way

There was no panic as they ran with survival as their plan

filled with thoughts of shattered families up above

Gods hand calmly swept away embracing Larry Knight that day

His family will hold again the one they love

The rescuers sad discovery they were only on ‘recovery’

in the silence of that tomb they dug away

Daily in the dark so deep suffering surely from lack of sleep

it was hope that made them want to stay

Then they heard a call from heaven, t’was a miracle on day seven

somehow they’d made it through the grey

Grown men had started bawling for they’d heard voices calling

a rescue made official now under way

Guided by Gods choice the world was told they’d heard a voice

the call went up that Todd and Brant were still alive

All the relies surely trembled and they very soon assembled

Families said they knew ‘they’ would survive

The whole country was excited and I was so personally delighted

that I threw me morning cuppa everywhere

With the news so wonderfully big that I actually danced a jig

as I yelled “you beaudy” into the morning air

Two “Beccy” boys were found caged together beneath the ground

Russel and Webby were alive there was no doubt

On the night of the seventh day we first heard what they had to say

“it’s F…N cold and cramped in her so get us out”

To the world they calmly spoke with just the hint of a joke

What their life was like inside the tiny cage

With no mention of the smell, they laughed and with a yell

“This ‘Two Star Hotel’ will soon be all the rage”

Just sixteen meters solid the rock had landed like a bollard

the boys were told how far it was to dig

“Show the riggers where to go; we’re miners so we know

that it takes a lot to stabilise a rig”

Calmly they accepted a quick rescue had been rejected

digging fourteen meters by machinery had begun

Last two meters inch by inch no one thought it was a synch

two anxious men filled with dreams of summer sun

With the hourly risk of cramp in a place so dark and damp

our hopes played on tapes from up above

Let them know that we’re all here and we’re ready with a cheer

Two familles on the edge so full of love

Dining on bacon and eggs they tried to fill those hollow legs

Thru the pipe they must’ve added 20 pound

The drillers thought they oughta add a smidgen to the orga

Since those boys were eatin pretty sound

Beaconsfield’s people cam together in the face of stormy weather

a town united stood with God by their side

On tender hooks we all waited for the rescue so hotly anticipated

together we all hoped’n’ prayed and cried

With emotions up and down the clock slowly ticking round

focus was on the lives they had to save

The medic’s were most delighted with the vitals that were sighted

Working tirelessly, the rescuers, became the brave

The world’s cameras were all there, for it was hard not to stare

we all had put ourselves inside their place

One journalist we all know who was down there from the go

no longer will we see poor Richards face

He was no stranger to pain or strife as it was the story of his life

with a note from him it all would sadly end

“Live a healthy life” was the last words he would write

then he handed back a little girl her pen

Day fourteen had begun with their freedom nearly won

every local was up there ready for the show

they’d washed’n’cleaned ‘n’dressed and I must say they looked their best

“Where’s our families?” what they wanted first to know

Then they walked out onto the dock, heading straight toward the clock

a couple of true larrikins you’d have to say

“This is surley gonna cost ya, for we’ve overworked our roster,

and we’ll send the barrows back for our pay”

The happy huggin had begun the families knew a lottery they had won

the children got to hold again their Dad

I was up before the dawn joining an Aussie town out on the lawn

Feelin ten feet tall and mighty glad

Tears flowed for miles’n’miles, drowned only by all our smiles

The town had got their mates back home again

Emotions filled the nation and I thanked God for the creation

Of the ANZAC spirit started way back when

So leave the politicking aside and show the world our Aussie pride

mate for mate and never falter to the call

Diggers had their lives to give so that we may all be free to live

Love your country and its people one and all.


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