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Crows and currawongs and cockatoos and in the distance perhaps a lone curlew singing a soft sunset tune or two and on the tower of power, a magpie crew warbling a dusk duet just for me … and you sharing a laugh, sipping our wine just enjoying our together time sky slowly dims to dark from light aaah, soon erupts a fruit bat fight over who shall get the tasty blossoms later the grunting of mating possums an evening sound enjoyed by this fella is a passing flight of white corellas no bloody clue about what they say as they chat to each other, to guide the way

then about four am, eastern standard time the koels share their endless rhyme coo-well coo-well, wirra-wirra wirra-wirra an aviarian alarm-clock calling others to get up then from trees up and down the street bird chatter galore – they’re all a-tweet signaling it’s time to greet the day I LOVE ME BIRDS what more can I say? you wouldn’t be dead for quids, eh!

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