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Magpie Mornings

Sun reflecting on the mirror glitters as the trees resound with twitter another dawn greets me with a chorus of cacophony the chirps, the clatter, the chatter of a multitude of birds kookaburras cackle at the pastiche portrayal of songs by the clever currawongs perky parrots squark as they farewell the evening’s dark but standing tall among them all The magnificent, mellifluous magpie I waltz to/wonder at your wondrous warble

You squat on the fence apparently resting but ever alert a silent sentinel in search of sustenance then to the ground you glide wings spread wide your fine feathers fluttering lifting, tilting, guiding then running, skipping, striding to the where the prey is hiding ah, there’s nothing you like best than pecking at a pest the small morsel gobbled straight down others larger and tougher require a good beaking head swings side to side as upon the ground you pound a grasshopper into bite-sized bits

Yes, I love my birdy mates they make me feel, well, great but they’re disappearing my degrees as suburbia swallows up the trees soon the only songs you’ll hear will be through cords plugged in your ear

So ignore the developer’s greed go ahead and plant a seed plant one every week to stop the future becoming bleak So our children’s, children’s kids can wake up to mornings glorious to enjoy the raucous chorus soak up the summer sunshine and say, ah, Ya wouldn’t be dead for quids

© eoin macdhugail

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