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Scribbles worth a view from Eoin

Night noise

There’s a lotta screechin’ outside me winda

Gotta be fruit bats, I’m not kiddin’ ya

They’re out there every night

havin' a frolic ... and a fight! I didn’t think there was nothin’ in flower So whatta they doin' there at this late hour Is it a place for a limbo dance or maybe a spot for nocturnal romance either way I’ve had enough So sound proof plugs in me ears I stuff

Ian McDougall

My car

I love me car it takes me near, it takes me far It’s an oldie, done 250,000 clicks and it gets up to all sorts of tricks

The lights are a bit dull on the dash and the body wipers scritch and scratch

It’s been scraped and bumped, got quite a few dings But I feel good when I get in It starts straight away,

It’s not just for show,

And whadaya know

I’m first off at the lights - it’s still got some go!

It’s grey and faded

Looks a bit jaded Alongside Porsches, Beamers and Toorak Tractors But I’m fair dinkum

Those drivers’re just actors

With look-at-me-hair and other false factors

Not the sorts you’d like to meet and greet When driving down a Southport street You’ve got the latest gadgets, your repayments hurty But, mate, I’m happy in my three grand i30

Ian McDougall

DELHI BELLY Here I sit in silent wonder recovering from a bucketing chunder with carrots and corn and chilli and things before a burning barrage blistered my ring my gizzards, gawd, they’re all asunder the box below now echoes with thunder I’ll be here for a while, I’m in no hurry still suffering the effects of last night’s curry I’m as crook as a dog, I’m warning you: do not order the beef vindaloo!

Ian McDougall

Bloody Lawn

Bloody lawn you can hear it grow, you know them green leafy blades prosper in the sun … and even the bloody shade HARK!

could that be the rustling of beetles and bugs or just the bloody buffalo weaving itself into a rug

There’s all sorts of grass ornery stuff like couch

or Sir Walter, tougher stuff with class It’s annoying stuff most of the time But come Sundee morning it’s. all. mine!

Time to put the wide shady hat on

And let rip with the Briggs and Stratton!

Ian McDougall

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