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It'll Be Like Starting Over

Ever wished for things to go back to normal,

Altho' routine has changed since our beginning.

Ever wanted all your feelings rolled up in a ball,

It's good when you feel that you're winning.

Alive in a community we learn more every day,

Logically speaking we should never go backwards.

Today we're less rigid, there seems an alternative way,

No bed of roses as we spiral onwards and upwards.

A friendly embrace should leave you safe and secure,

Greeting with a hug, a handshake more for business deals.

Some call it a close-and-personal grand tour,

It's merely personal choice for how one or t'other feels.

It's wonderful when you're out and about,

And you're acknowledged by familiar faces.

Could be at a restaurant or a bar-- it's your shout,

Such friendly faces in so many places.

Did the greengrocer remember what I ordered this week,

Sweet carrots, peas, beans and broccoli.

Even added some extra brussel sprouts, turnips and a leek,

He knows I'm reluctant to live alone in a shanty.

Today is the day we must begin making changes,

Whether distress of a global threat or not.

The tunnel is narrowing with a lessening of chances,

Citizens rise up, let's do it and re-write the lot!

John Stewart©2010

Happy isolation

John... 🤓🐾🧹🦧

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