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Black Dog Barking Chapter 2 A & B


It’s my house, my hearth, my home it’s not a prison farm so why do I not go outside there’s nowt to do me harm it’s been the same at every place that I have ever stayed indoors bound, bars surround (but yes I have ventured out and played) what’s in my head? what do I dread? will I be stuck indoors until I’m dead? the bar’s ain’t there they’re in my mind I want to create a peaceful yard so why the fuck is it so hard?

© eoin macdhugail Sept 2015


Yeah, I hit the wall

And battle the blues

I find it hard to strike a blow

But I am not depressed,

No bloody way!

Well, I try not to let it show

Yeah, it’s hard sometimes

To make any sense

Of what’s happening in my head

But, hey, I’m proud

And I shout out loud

I’d rather be mad than dead

Howl, you black dog,

Growl if you must

But why do you bark at me?

Yeah, I’m a loon

On the edge of crazy

My face is always in a frown

But I can still laugh

And put on a smile

To keep me from feeling down

Yeah, it’s bloody hard

To face some days

With a head full of dread and fear

And at the worse

I can’t hold it in

And let go with a flood of tears

Howl, you black dog,

Growl you mongrel

Buy why do you bark at me?

Yeah, there’s others out there

Worse off than me

They’re really down on their skids

But each day I get up

Life gets a bit better

Hey, you wouldn’t be dead for quids

Sit down you black dog

And shut the fuck up

I’m doing the barking today!

© eoin macdhugail 250912

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