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Black Dog Barking Chapter three C & D

Black Dog Beaching

There’s no particular time of day when the Black Dog chooses to come to play He don’t give a hoot if it’s crows or owls It’s anytime, mate, when the Black Dog howls I reckon the bugga knows just how I feels so he runs right in to nip at me heels

More often than not it’s the middle of the night when the mongrel drops in to give me a fright If only he’d come at times I’ve elected instead of arriving when he’s least expected I keep hoping he’ll seek a tree for a pee so I can duck out the door where he can’t see me.

Whenever I can I go for a beach walk Let things run through me head, to myself I’ll talk I’ll chat about this and I’ll chat about that and I’ll keep on going ’til I no longer feel flat Sometime my mind turns and swings like a trapeze full of voices galore … but they’re speaking Chinese!

There’s nothing like that you bring on unease along and along and along I plod tip my hat, give a wave or an occasional nod So I wander along, I laugh, maybe cry and before I know it time does fly

I sort of understand that weird Donovan fellow when he sings of feeling all mellow yellow It’s trumpeter Miles Davis whom I often turn to when he blows out that mournful Kind of Blue But the one who captures my sand mood most Is that nancy-boy Pommy puffy-haired bloke ’cos my troubles are out of reach, on the be-ee-each!

© eoin macdhugail Jan 2015


It’s quite quiet sitting here late at night the only thing darker than the sky is my mind (but, oh, am I being unkind) I plump its depths I caress its inner sadness and yes, its gladness for all is not lost among the gloss, the frost I remain the boss my own decision maker but all-in-all a public faker What you see … it’s not me you see a cheeky bugger, a smiling face and yet I’m shy, I’m timid I’m not in the race I’m troubled my mind bent and doubled I know not what to do!! is that, perhaps, why I feel so blue? the head on my shoulders is it really mine? or one taken over by a gallon of wine? tomorrow, it’s me my public face it will be, I hope, no disgrace nodding and smiling, cheery as hell they know not what’s happening when my mind’s so low is this the mindless dribble or just drunken scribble? the truth comes out when you least expect it!

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