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Black Dog Barking Chapter 1

When the back dogs barks you enter a state

Where things go all cafoops.

What’s real is not, you’re low not high, you’re always in the poop.

Your mind goes numb, you come across all dumb,

You just dunno what to think

Right hand, left hand, head or foot

Is it black and white … or is it really just soot.

Every which way, full of fright, you wander backwards, then go left, er or right

All you can see is the tunnel at the end of the light

When the skin your in is not your own but you don’t know whose it is

Then call upon your astral self and go out ’n’ have a squiz

Get up high above yourself to find what it is that you’re trying to flee

Look above, below and side-to-side and see if it’s you, or him or …me!

When you’re in two minds, or even three, sit down and take a rest

Put on the thinking cap that fits and dress your mind in its Sunday best.

Just don’t stand still, you silly dill, attack those blues with all your might

And show him it’s the size of fight in the dog, not the size of the dog in the fight.

‘Cos when you look at graveyard, and the stones of your mates

You get to thinking, no matter what’s your state,

Around the bend, or on the narrow and straight

Every day you wake up, life’s just gotta be great.

© eoin macdhugail 150407

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