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Bangalow Markets

It’s market time down at Bangalow Never been? Well, I reckon give it a go! If you think you’ve seen it all Mate, have a wander around the stalls.

Check out the locals if you dare There’s wannabe hippies with dread-locked hair Organic growers, native bee keepers Aquarius girls, enlightenment seekers.

Wild rice, coffee, finger limes masseuses offering (wink wink) good times a wide array of tropical fruits for sour sop, tho, couldn’t give two hoots

You never know what you will find When through the laneways you do wind Fresh herb growers, protest leaders undraped breasts of natural feeders More folk arrive, it’s really bustling Spruikers charm with humourous hustling For some it’s all a big charade Playing up to the passing parade

People line up for wheatgrass shots or fresh-cooked pizzas, with the lot! home-made pastas and curries, exotic kebabs $10 bucks for that? Mate, you’ve been had!

Add fibre to your diet with organic lentils Fair dinkum; there’s even video rentals! tofu, pizza, fresh macadamias lost girl, frightened; who will claim her?

Rows and rows and rows of books might find a bargain, let’s have a look refresh your souls, repent your sins Hey mate, don’t drop that – use the bin!

Potions for motions, moisturising lotions philosophers espousing fancy notions soothsayers, fortune tellers, quite absurd (didn’t warn me about that steaming dog turd!) Down this row there’s all sorts of bits beads and weavings. Tattooed tits Hemp hats, table mats, bright sarongs Oops, missed that section … won’t be long!

If it’s the weird and wondrous that you seek Go down to Bangalow, every fourth week Grab a roll, take a stroll, have a good dekko but please take care and don’t step on the geckos.

© eoin macdhugail august 2013

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