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Day 11 - 40 ‘Miles’ From Somewhere

BDRCR 2022 Monday. (Coober Pedy SA )

I stood on a man-made hill

60 km from west of Erldunda

The morning air was nice and cool

just another springtime wonder

I could see everywhere

in every compass direction

I was the only living thing I could see

No risk of any Covid infection

I enjoyed the silence

the only thing I had to do was sit down

I cleared a spot spent 20 minutes

My bare feet on the ground.

No phone calls no signal

no one telling me what to do

Sat there alone but not lonely

enjoying the panoramic view.

I got back onto my bike

rejoined the human race

stuck behind a road train

had to fight again for my place.

Time, once again became my master

Fighting to join my group

somewhere up ahead

so I went a little faster.

I’ll never forget those twenty minutes

sitting by myself upon the hill

My mind will often wander

back inside my head there and always will.

Poetry in Paradise Reg TM # 1028534


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