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Testing out his new camper, Kevin drove to a national park.

The area was full of beauty but the facilities were stark.

The showers had cold water and the lighting non existent,

But this did not deter our man; he really was persistent.

He filled a rubber shower bag and left it in the sun.

It would be warmed to perfection when the day was done.

At twilight all was growing dark and came the time to shower.

With ropes he hoisted up the bag. It didn’t take much power.

Undressed and armed with soap and towel, he’d done all that he oughta.

He turned the spigot on the tap and down flowed the lovely water.

Now Kevin was a big man, white as snow and broad.

He washed his mass of grey hair first; joy was not the word!

But the sound of voices down the track soon caught his attention.

He muttered a few syllables I wouldn’t dare to mention.

A group of torch-bearing youths going to a lecture

By the Park Ranger at 7.00 had now entered the picture.

A brilliant beam on sudsy buttocks, what an amazing sight!

Every torch followed, and the blaze was pretty bright.

“Turn off those bloody lights”, came the monstrous roar,

But this just raised the interest and they wanted to see more.

The group marched on down the road in fits of boisterous laughter.

That’s a story they would tell for quite some time thereafter.

You never know what you’ll discover in a national park -

The strangest living creatures can be exposed after dark.

Copyright 01/05/2023 Bezza

(Beryl Hadinek)


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