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On the platform at the railway station

In the centre of the town

A lady was sitting on the seat

while waiting for her train.

A rather scruffy looking man came by

And sat down on the seat.

As soon as he was settled down

He lit a cigarette.

The lady looked at him and said

"How many packets of those

Would you smoke in a day?"

The man was a bit surprised

And didnt know what to say

But as he didnt have anything else to do

He answered her saying " oh, one or two"

She immediately said"

And how much does a packet cost?"

And he answered straight away

"About twenty pounds - at most"

But the lady continued to question him

"How long have you been smoking?"

He turned and said with a smile'

"It must be going on for forty years.

I know its been a while"

He could hardly believe what she said next.

He thought she must be dreaming.

"If you hadn’t wasted all that money

You would now have a Lamborghini"

The man was silent for a while

Then when next he spoke

He posed a question to the lady

"Have you never had a smoke?"

Her answer to his remark

Was delivered in a shot

Indignantly she snarled at him.

"No. Certainly not!!!"

There was silence for a while

As the man checked out the scenery.

Then he asked the Lady

"Where do you park your Lamborghini?"

Thank you, Pass on my best wishes to the group. I just wish I could be there with you,

Copyright Joyce Skinner 2021 July


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