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Day 6 - Crossed the Border.

BDRCR Wednesday 2022 (Tennant Creek NT )

Fields of dead grass

or was it just all white

it went on for miles and miles

all I could see from my bike

The hue of lightness

turned suddenly to red

defining the tarmac borders

like a well-made bed

Then all these tiny red towers

some short and some all

sprouted up like stalagmites

a thousand people could not count them all

The roads went on forever

the glass mirage kissed the sky

the silhouetted pilots

they all appeared to fly

The monotony of kilometres

broken by this unique view

made me feel, like a lucky man

to being doing what I now do

All my fellow travellers

break bread with tales tall but true

there are no exaggerations

it’s just what we bikers do.

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg Tm # 1028534


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