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Don’t tell me what to do

In 1978 I remember singing to my mum

A Billy Joel song called “My Life”

Mum had been remarried for five years

And was by then, Toms wife.

I used to get into a bit of trouble

And caused mum a lot of strife

My mates were all reprobates

We all had our flick knifes

I used to wear tight shirts

A broom as my stand in microphone

I don’t care what you say anymore this my life

Go ahead with your own life me alone

I remember she hit me so hard

It hurt right down to my funny bone

She yelled there’s the door go away

Go ahead with your own life me alone

I took that opportunity to go

And start making my own life

Didn’t work out too well

I just got into more strife

Copyright Poetry in Paradise Reg TM Number 1028534 17/05/2022


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