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Farewell Ol Mate, Sail Away Roger

Its knowing that your door is closed

That’s brought so many tears to my eyes

I’m not looking forward to our recital

Or to saying the hardest of good byes

Its knowing that you’re not here anymore

that we may never meet again

That our days shared on this earth have passed

now you have become my dear lost friend

Its knowing that so many foolish adults

Down here are still drinking any milk

That covid bullshit is just all bullshit

And getting jabbed could give you an ilk

Its knowing that all these pollie bludgers

Usin social media to keep us on their tab.

While they programme bat flu viruses

downloaded in the form of the “Jab”

Its knowing that I love your poems

Like the ‘Prayer Hat’ to lighting up Tom McKay

From dialing that bloody wrong number

And not knowing how to keep that cat away

Its knowing that your door is closed

and I cannot drop round to your place

just like I did last February

and now I will never see again your face

Its knowing that you found your end

While I’m still hoping to avoid finding mine

Yes life is one long journey

And you went signed on ahead of time

Its knowing that I first met you

Twenty five years ago in ol’Tamworth

That you’re one of the nicest bastards

To ever walk amongst us on this earth

Its knowing this is really the end

for now its time to say goodbye

I looked up to you like a father

I’m proud that your friendship made me cry.

Copyright Poetry In Paradise Reg TM # 1028534 28/06/23


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