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Gold Coast Christmas 2021

The Gold Coast is a happening place, where tinsel lined streets are on offer,

The Great Southeast is our personal playground but most importantly, our oyster

There can be neighbours who make lots of noise and have no idea what a mower can do

Where a suspect whiff wafts over the fence or you hear bedsprings at night while they stew

But there are groups of creative people, one in particular that pen heartfelt thoughts

I am sure they know what green fingers are, as much as sharing feelings and yarns of sorts

Like clockwork at three they can be seen at Evergreen, chatting over cake, coffee, or wine

And with a satisfied stomach, poetry recitals begin, all attention is captured— a good sign

Sometimes such tender words can surround an audience, like gentle music to their ears

Their heart strings tighten and loosen again, inner sanctum, heads bow to brush aside tears

Then someone does a song and dance, eyebrows twitching as they echo each sound

They’ve astounded many guests in the restaurant, seeing raised heads as they look around

Some verse is differently sounding; there might be an unusual of twist at the end

Like a flash in the night sky, the chill of thawing ice, some fits of laughter being penned

And some love their naughty bits of in-house humor; there could often be a parody or four

Where tongues go a flicking and eyes become slanted while they’re tapping a toe on the floor

It’s all about living and breathing together, and a mutual village to perform in

Where each role chosen, with whom we do what, gives us license to say we are kin

Some in the group have their own special way, might even pop a did-ger-i-doo on the table

Then someone else reads out a spicy bit how Mabel’s grunting to prove that she’s able

Hardly ever, the poet is politically correct, gender specifics are lost for common ground

But then again there can be surprises, a clash of cymbals or a didgeri-doo-da sound

I could waffle on for hours about the most inspiring experience on the Gold Coast

Which for all here today, is Jeff’s invitation, heard on the radio during coffee and toast.

John Stewart © 2004


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