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Great Lives

Great lives some rewarded Australian of the Year

For outstanding work fulfilling what they believe.

Helping Koalas breathe, just by planting a tree,

Recycle your Junk! All that Global warming stuff.

Thank those that we believe helped us!

And Listen to the warnings to prepare plus.

Guided us thru bushfires & thunderstorms,

Floods & Drought & swarms.

Check your temperature! Finding a Cure,

Developing a Vaccine,

On the Cover of a Magazine.


Making a Movie or Documentary,

Great lives story at the very end OBITUARY.

Recording, Singing and Writing a song.

Helping us work out right from wrong.

Your family framed displayed at home.

Great lives create a footprint for life,

An example to live by and helps When things don’t seem right.

Worldwide Copyright Debra McGinnis February 19 2024 for Poets in Paradise.


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