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January Report 2021

Poetry Report 17/01/2021

Gidday, Sunday was a lovely morning and eleven of us found our way to Rogers humble abode and we all found it very suitable for recitals and even though it was a warm day it was pleasant in the courtyard with no air con or fans required. We reckon 16 people would probably be the comfortable max so if you’re attending next month be sure to email myself so we can keep a count. No trouble parking in the street. A reminder 269 is at the southern end of Government Road closest to the Southport Sharks.

We had apologies from The Banjo - Jean - Dawn - Joyce - Eoin - Tom and David and whomever else I missed. Me John, Aaron, Bob, Jeanette, Roger, Alan, Kathy, Sandy, Ted and Manya all recited poems we had written or poems we like to share form other poets. Many of the themes and first lines from last year were not used last year and anyone with a poem from those can share it this year, our themes and first lines are as always, optional.

John opened the afternoon with his poem titled ‘Love Lost’; a great poem about love and its highlights followed by the lowest of lows and closing with the hope a blessed reunion. His second poem was about a fantastic weekend away at South West Rocks and joyous times he had there and the wonderful memories that still fill his heart with joy. The third poem he shared was Gratitude, a poem about all the wrongs in the world and how much it has got out of our control and how much pressure we are all under each day caused by the irresponsible few Muppets running the world economy, but he still has some positive energy to give back to the world.

Aaron was a participant in the over 65yo Slam Zoom Poetry NYE 2020 and he recited his poem on that topic and in it he reflected on all the tragedies of 2020 Bush Fires Floods Covid masks social distancing and social isolation rich getting richer and you know the rest only too well, he closed with a resolution to learn empathy within himself and to be patient with others and see where this leads him through 2021. He then accepted my encouragement to recite a classic Aussie Bush Poem, Jack Drakes ‘The Cattle Dogs Revenge’ and he did a great performance as he hung onto the metre like ‘Woody’ hung onto the nuts.

Bob did a great job letting out his pent-up frustrations with political correctness and he belted out his poem about Australian Strine and its sad demise at the hand bureaucratic imbeciles titled ‘The Strine Crime’ a poem so Aussie that Roger kept the copy to learn it for himself to recite. His throat was as dry as a dead dingos donger as he told us about the bloke at the pub that wouldn’t shout if a shark bit him and then he was as rowdy as a tree full of galahs out past the black stump , barmaids and ockers, winding up stating that he wouldn’t be dead for quids Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. His second poem was titled ‘Gratitude’ a poem about his love of beer and all things rude and his overall alcoholic aptitude and his delight at sunbaking nude. Bobs third poem was titled ‘Surprise’ a poem he recreated from an old joke as he reworked it and it was the story of an UBER driver with a Nun as a passenger and the driver asked for a kiss then confessed he lied about his faith and the Nun said “my name is Craig, you smarty and I’m on my way to a fancy-dress party” !!

Jeanette looked down from the top of the tree and the first thing she saw was “Me” she was pleased to see herself and she was happy to be she. Jeanettes second poem was The Fart Poem written by the old ANON. Jeanettes third poem was a tribute to her dad that has passed and on she spoke of how much she loves him every day and he is always on her mind and in her heart.

Roger recited his poem titled Gratitude and he was very thankful for many things and at heart he is a happy man. His second poem was a true story about an Aussie experience he had about thirty years ago when he migrated south to our great southern land and he went walking after midnight in the bush where he encountered Emus singing and saw a red eyed bunyip walking past while he watched wombats with hooves and then he saw a boomerang cry, he heard lamingtons creeping and saw red kangaroos flying across the moon. Rogers third poem was a funny poem about his love for a certain woman he recited it to Sandy after initially choosing Ted.

Alan recited his poem titled ‘The Yellow Bordello’ one of the themes on the 2021 flyer that was submitted by Alan, a very nice poem about man searching for the Yellow Bordello in a taxi, he eventually found it then chose not to go in and went to the gym. Alans second poem titled ‘Approaching 50’ a story that made him smile with nostalgic thoughts, a story from his past and it involved a lovely lady he was with at the time and they were so filled with passion they even made love on the kitchen table.

Kathy recited her poem on the ‘Top of The Tree’ theme and she wrote about the tall poppy syndrome and the high fall from grace celebrity and fame and the personal cost involved to the person. Kathys second poem was one she wrote and recited a few years back, a very creative poem that was a parallel to ‘Clancy of The Overflow’ titled ‘Nancy On The Go’ a great poem about the possibility of a Sea change in life, well done Kathy.

Sandy recited her poem on the ‘Top Of The Tree’ a very passionate poem about how “our bloody Governments look down on me, they won’t let us have a fair go, to prove they are running the show. Sandy the self-appointed President of the ‘Paranoid Poets Society’ she pointed out the ,any faults in our system and way of life but she closed with the statement “As far as countries go, ours is still one of the best and I feel better now that’s of my chest.” Her second poem was ‘The Yellow Bordello’ and it was the story of how the actual building was a prominent whore house at its peak in fame then the women and the building aged and eventually the retired ladies purchased the building and renovated it into an elite resort and they lived happily ever after in their own brand-new chalets built on the property. Sandys third poem was inspired by a previous them “Lost” and she wrote about loss, loss of time loss of your mind names family and friends and sadly sometimes loss of faith. Her last poem was about the Angel atop of the Christmas Tree and how she only gets out for one month a year and she sits there watching all that goes on in the house and she even saw the Mummy kissing Santa Claus.

Ted recited his lovely poem on Gratitude and he is very thankful of many things and his poem was well received. His second poem was one he first heard as a four-year-old child recited by his Grandmother (I think), it was Lewis Carrols “You Are Old, Father William” first published in 1865 read by ‘Alice’ in chapter 5 when Alice informs a caterpillar of her attempts to recite “How Doth the Little Busy Bee”. Ted recited from one of his own books a poem titled ‘Australia’ a very patriotic praise of all the wonders complexities and joys of living in our beautiful homeland.

Manya recited her poem titled ‘Emma’ a lovely poem with a twist as she wrote about Johns jealous female friend while she was attending a BBQ at his place and Emma the dog kept trying to come between them, a very devoted canine. Manyas second poem was about her hobby of playing table tennis at a community centre and even thought her eyes sight is a bit off at the moment after eye surgery and her friends all encouraged her to continue coming to enjoy the socialising and she did and she touched on the subject of seeing smiling faces and reminded us that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Manyas third poem had a romantic theme as she spoke of flowers dreams and falling in love and loving life to the limit and beyond, dance as though no one is watching and love as though you’ve never been hurt, sing as though no one can hear you and live as though heaven is on earth.

A great day was enjoyed by everyone present. Next month we will be at Rogers again unless the GCCC opens the library room or lets us use the community centre up the road from the Southport library, I shall keep you informed. Until then, keep smiling and remember what Aaron said “Some people think responsible drinking means , don’t spill any”.


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